I pledge allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America, and to the Republic for which it stands, one Nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.

My name is Steve Silverii. I’m a bonded, independent contractor with a unique skill set;  I have the knowledge and experience to evaluate gold and silver purity and then make the best offer to purchase based on the purity, the weight and the market SPOT price. 

Jewelry is the most common form of GOLD ownership.

Here’s what I do;

GOLD:  I can evaluate the difference between gold-plated and real gold jewelry. I will pay you well for your gold jewelry like broken or out-of-style stuff. I buy GOLD;

  • rings
  • chains
  • bracelets
  • coins

SILVER: I’ll buy:

  • sterling (.925) silver flatware
  • .999 silver rounds and ingots

90% SILVER COINS:  dimes, quarters, and half-dollars, minted in the United States before 1964. (exception 1965 – 1969 Kennedy one-half dollar coins are 40% silver). Any questions you have, I can answer.

COIN COLLECTORS: Numismatic coin values are subjective.  If you have a coin or coins that you believe have value, above the silver melt value, I can tell you about the process of evaluating your coin.  It’s work! If the coin shows promise as a collectible coin I can put you in contact with a Numismatic expert. I’m here to help.

RUSTY GOLD: I am buying vintage items of value, “Rusty Gold” like they say on American Pickers. I am interested in purchasing the follow:

  • Advertising signs
  • Folk art
  • Wooden and metal props
  • Entertainment Memorabilia
  • Unique home decor
  • Americana
  • Classic toys

If you have precious metals to sell or questions that need answers, call Steve Silverii at 985-227-8521.

Don’t let your jewelry just sit in a box.

Come see me and let’s turn your GOLD and SILVER into GREEN you can spend today.

Got Gold? Inc.

(985) 227-8521