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I have moved the shop to a new location.  I’m now doing business inside The Lagniappe Shoppe.   I’m at the workbench sometimes, other times I’m just a call away.  If you would like to make an appointment and guarantee I’m there to meet your schedule, please call me:

Steve Silverii at 985-227-8521,

Got Gold? Inc.
511 St. Mary St. Suite F
Thibodaux, LA 70301

Jewelry is the most common form of GOLD ownership.

If you have broken, out-of-style or just plain ugly GOLD jewelry that you are not going to wear anymore, give me a call, let me take a look at what you’ve got, I guarantee I’ll make you a good offer.  Here’s what I do;

GOLD:  I will pay you for your old, broken or unwanted GOLD pieces; rings, chains, watches, bracelets, coins, etc.

SILVER: Sterling silver, silverware, silver commemorative coins and ingots.

90% SILVER COINS:  Coins; dimes, quarters, and half-dollars, minted in the United States before 1964. (exception 1965 – 1969 Kennedy one-half dollar coins are 40% silver).

JEWELRY REPAIR: I work with an established, talented, reliable jeweler from New Orleans who does our repairs.  You and I will discuss the repair and I will give you a quote.  (FYI, I am bonded for your protection.)

DIAMONDS: Our jeweler also buys diamonds.  The diamonds he is interested in must be a single stone a carat or larger.

COIN COLLECTORS: Numismatic coin values are very subjective.  If you have a coin or coins that you believe have value, other than the silver melt value, I will guide you through the process of evaluating your coin.  If the coin shows promise as a collectable coin I will put you in contact with my Numismatic expert.

If you have precious metals to sell or questions that need answers, come see me or call;

Steve Silverii at 985-227-8521.

My goal is for you to be a satisfied customer. Don’t let your jewelry sit in a box. Come see me, and let me turn your GOLD and SILVER into GREEN you can spend TODAY.

Got Gold? Inc.

Inside The Lagniappe Shoppe
511 St. Mary St. Suite F
Thibodaux, LA 70301

(985) 227-8521