Estate Sale – Independent Contractor

If you are facing the process of having an Estate Sale and you have precious metals like; gold and silver jewelry, bullion, or coins that need to be sold, CALL ME!

I’m the professional that Estate Sale companies call in when they need a professional to appraise and liquidate gold and silver from an Estate Sale they are holding.

 I’m a bonded, independent contractor. I work for you; you’ll get the money I would normally pay the Estate Sale company to buy your gold and silver items.

If you hire me, I can help you liquidate your:

  • sterling silver flatware
  • gold jewelry
  • gold and silver bullion
  • gold and silver numismatic* coins
  • U.S. 90% silver coins
  • diamonds that are over one carat in weight

I make sure you get the most value for your assets. I’m YOUR resource!

Remember, you can’t go wrong with competition! If an Estate Sale company has made you and offer, you have nothing to lose by giving me a chance to beat their offer.  CALL ME! 985-227-8521.

When the Estate Sale company asks if you have precious metals to liquidate, you can tell them you’ve got that task covered!

Call Steve Silverii at 985-227-8521.

* Numismatics, according to Merriam Webster, means “the study or act of collecting of coins, paper money, and medals.” Numismatic coins are essentially rare or valuable coins that have an external value above and beyond the base value of the precious metal. Mar 30, 2015

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