Got Gold? has Fossils!

Fossils, Gems, Rocks, and Minerals, are available at Got Gold?  If you have a question about ordering these items, please give me a call at 985-227-8521.

This superb grade ammonite is solid stone featuring the fascinating ridged surface of the ancient creature’s shell and was excavated from the coastal Moroccan village of Agadir. Ammonoids evolved from nautiloids in the early Devonian period, about 400 million years ago. They were abundant in world seas for the next 370 million years. They suddenly vanished at the end of the Cretaceous period.
These beautiful Extra Quality Natural Agate Geodes are great accent pieces for any household!
Purple, Pink, Blue, Teal, and Natural. Due to customer request, Agate Slices now may contain more of the best sellers like blue and purple.
Amethyst Crystal Cluster drilled for votive or tea light candle. You will love the way the candle light glows off the crystals.!
Polished Split Ammonite in Bamboo Box! This 350 million year old extinct cephalopod is a distant relative to the chambered nautilus. They occurred in many diverse species all over the world. Split, polished and beautifully displayed in a bamboo box. The Ammonites are approximately 1.5″ long. These are from Madagascar.